Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome, Summer!!

It is officially the first day of my summer vacation!  I am so thrilled to have lots of time to spend with family, enjoy my kids, tackle some home projects and read!!   I love my job and am blessed to be so passionate about my work, but what a blessing to have the time for family and home also.  The best of both worlds.

One of my favorite professional mentors, Lester Laminack, posted this today.  I love it and had to share it.

On The Eve of June

On the eve of June…
School bells sleep
Yellow buses stand at ease
Alarm clocks rest
And homework hassles fade into the horizon of last year
Children stretch the muscles of freedom
As bicycles roam the streets like free range ponies
Sprinklers shower lawns and squealing kids
Pools fill again
White-nosed life guards in red swim suits perch atop their watchtower chairs
Burgers sizzle on backyard grills
Fireflies signal more sand is working its way through the hourglass of summer
And we know, dear friend, you will slip away as swiftly as you entered
I love you June
[Lester Laminack--5/31/11]

I hope you are enjoying your summer, too!   Let's enjoy every moment, because we all know how time flies when you're having fun!!  And, because pictures always make a better post, here are a few of my favorites from the weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

8th Grade Banquet-A Red Carpet Affair

Reed and his beautiful date Anna Catherine.

So grown up!

Great group of friends!

Reed, Anna Catherine, Brooke and Barrett

So great being able to watch these boys grow into great young men.

What a great looking couple!
Last night was Reed's 8th grade banquet.  It was such a fun night.  It all began with pictures with all of his friends, most of which he has been friends with since kindergarten or earlier.  We are so blessed that Reed not only has a great circle of friends but that we have made so many good friends in their parents.   After pictures, we went to the banquet where they had a red carpet ready for all of the kids to walk in and take pictures.  The cafeteria looked so great....not even like a cafeteria.  The PTO did such a great job.  It was a great night....wonderful dinner, awards, and then the kids headed to the dance in the gym.  It was a great but emotional night.  Looking at all of these kids, how grown up they are....still picturing them on the little league field or in kindergarten.  Time has gone by so quickly, but we have soooo many wonderful memories.   And, now we ready ourselves for high school (sigh!).