Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sherri Burgess

Last night I went to a local church to see Sherri Burgess speak. She is the wife of a radio personality here in Birmingham who lost their 2 year old son over a year ago. He drowned in their pool. This is a nationwide show that is based here in Birmingham. We are good friends with the show's producer and family and have prayed for the Burgess' for a long time. What an unimaginable tragedy. I was so excited to go and hear her testimony last night. We all struggle with so many things in this world. There are so many things I could learn from this woman of God who has suffered so much. Her message was so powerful! My struggle with secondary infertility and adoption pales in comparison....but, is no less my own personal struggle. Her message was one of HOPE and LOVE and ENDURING FAITH...which is exactly what the Lord wanted me to hear. If you went to hear all of the horrific details of her son's were dissapointed. But, if you attended with hopes of learning more about our God from a mother that has suffered the loss of her baby boy, then you were changed. From one mother's heart to another....she has suffered, still suffers....has endured in faith and is still steadfast....has loved and is increasing that love. I left there in awe of our glorious and powerful Lord and filled with hope for the time I have left in this world. Thanks be to God!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I knew it, felt it, hoped it, prayed it. Now it is finally looking like reality. For months and months we have been following God's lead and praying about the possible adoption of a little girl that we have fallen completely in love with. Eight months ago, I met this little girl. There was an instant spark...a love at first sight kind of thing. I felt the strangest instant connection with her. But, not knowing much of her situation, I doubted that it could be possible. However, God just kept showing me connections in her life and ours that kept my heart and my prayers focused on her. But, she still had a mom in her life. We started this journey to be a family for a child who had no one. So, several times we inquired about other children but it never felt like something we should go through with. After a few months of knowing this angel and growing to love her, I surrendered. I began to invest much of my heart in her life. I decided to ignore what the world was telling us at times and to believe God.
And yesterday, finally, in God's perfect time, God's plan is beginning to be revealed to others. It appears that she may be legally available for adoption soon and we would love nothing more than to be her family and love her forever. Until we know about forever....we'll love her for now!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To blog or not to blog???

I started this blog last December after much indecision. I can be both a private person and an open book...but, it's something about putting it all out there for anyone to see. And then I think...who would want to read it anyway? But, writing is therapeutic for me. So, the reason I decided to just "do it" was for the same reason that I read other blogs. It has helped me tremendously to follow the stories of other families on similar paths. I only have a couple of close friends who know exactly what is involved with the journey to adopt....although I am sure all of my friends are rolling their eyes if they are reading this thinking..."oh yes we do, you talk about it all the time!" I do appreciate their support and prayers and for always listening to me! But, I have found so much comfort in the blogs of complete strangers. I can identify with their worries, their hopes, their struggles, their frustrations and their joys. So, I am going to try to get this going so that I can hopefully be that support for any readers who may be out there.