Friday, September 11, 2009

The Best Big Brother

Seriously. Reed is the best big brother ever. The child has only been praying for a brother or sister since he was 4. But, I really didn't expect him to be as perfect as he has been. I keep waiting for something to "wear off." But, it hasn't. He is so patient and kind and loving. He plays with her, teaches her things (like how to feed the dogs), shares his things and his pets. And, most importantly, his parents. We did do a lot of preparing ahead of time as far as warning him about how things will go. But, I did expect some kind of trouble with going from having us to himself for 12 years and now we have had to put all of the time and attention into welcoming this little girl. But nothing. Not. even. once. I am in awe of him! I have always said that he has such an old soul. He is so empathetic and caring. He sits and smiles along side us, watching her bond with grandparents, aunts, uncles....and he loves it as much as we do. He loves her. Recently there have been lots of questions from BB about birth mom and when the "judge is going to decide." These questions are so hard for me. The other day I asked her how she would feel if she went back to BM's house. She said, "Kinda sad because I don't have a brother there." She thinks he's as wonderful as we do. He is a blessing that I thank God for many times a day.

I wish I didn't have to crop her cute little face out of this picture. I am a shutterbug and take hundreds of pictures at a time. I hope one day soon, I can fill this blog with all of the beautiful pictures I have of the two of them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The word is like music to my ears! I shudder to think that there was a time when I used to fuss at Reed for constantly saying/calling the word! When he was about 5 he would start every sentence with, "Mommy." We would be having a conversation and he would still start almost every sentence that way. I would tell him over and over again that he could just talk to me....not keep saying Mommy! Now, with BB, I waited so long for her to call me that. We never pushed it or told her to call us mom and dad. We just waited and gave her the time to feel comfortable. It was after she lived here for about 5 weeks that she first muttered the word. Now, it rolls off of her tongue at the beginning of about every sentence. Except those that start with Daddy or Reed. And each time she or Reed calls, "Mom or Mommy!" I smile and I am so grateful! Never again will I take for granted the blessing of being a mom and for being their mom.

Here is a picture on the morning of the first day of school.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I know I have been neglecting this blog, but life has been crazy! Crazy good in most ways. These last 2 months have flown by!!!!! Literally. In some ways, I can't believe it has been 2 months since BB moved in and in other ways it feels as if she has always been here. We have just seen pure joy on her face over the last 2 weeks. First there was her birthday. She has never actually had a birthday party where you invite frineds and decorate, etc. She loved absolutely everything about it. I'll post birthday specifics later. Then, last week she started cheerleading. This is a "dream" of hers. (her words :) They had a cheer clinic each night last week and each night when it was over....she was overflowing with joy. I don't know any other way to describe it. We were all in awe of it. Again, she loved EVERY SINGLE part of it. Even taking her new water bottle with her name on it. It is truly a gift...and a reminder about how we all should watch such a little person love and live in the moment and appreciate everything. She's just turned 7 and she has taught me so much!! I will post more about cheerleading later, too. I think I hear her dance music now. She "practices" constantly and it is precious. She has a serious work ethic!

And just in the last few weeks, her little personality has really begun to shine. She is so funny! She sings and dances and cracks us up all of the time. She is just happy! The other night...she got up and started dancing to some background music coming from a TV in another room. I said, "You are just a crazy little dancer!" She stopped, looked at me and said, "My name is B....., and I love to dance!" in this silly little voice with a hilarious expression. We all just busted out laughing. She really is a hoot!

We still don't know when the courts will make any decisions on "forever" for our family. But for now, we thank God for her and for this summer together and we pray for the future and hope for years of laughs with her. While we wait, we will follow BB's example and live in the moment and with lots of joy!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beach Fun

We had the best time at the beach. It was so nice for it to just be the four of us and do our own thing. BB was overjoyed with every aspect of the trip. When we first got to the beach, she was facinated with everything. She loved the sand and loved for her feet to "sink" into the sand at water's edge when the waves would wash over them. At first she would hold Dickie's hand and just laugh and squeal when the waves would wash in. Then, she got more brave and didn't need a hand. The first splash in the face was hilarious, too. She was shocked that the water was salty. Then, she discovered the shells. She was obsessed with finding more and more! She used her net for a while and then it became a game of whether she could reach down and get the shells before the wave splashed her in the face. It was so much fun for all us. Reed was such a good big brother. He hung out with her the whole time just about. They swam and floated, built sand castles, dug trenches, dug for shells, hunted for sand crabs at was a blast. He even did what most brothers do and dumped her off of her float. She quickly insisted he not do that again.

We even came home with 3 new pets. More on that later. I need to take pictures and post that later. This was an added thrill....since she has been asking about a new pet since the day she moved in.

No matter what happens in the future, the memories of this trip will be with us forever. I cherish my memories of childhood vacations. I know she will, too. Hopefully we will make many more vacation memories in the years to come.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Someone Is Excited About The Beach

We are all excited about going to the beach tomorrow. Everyday this week, one of them has said, "I wish we were leaving right now!" And, I have felt the same way!! BB is just about to burst with anticipation. She has never been to the beach before and is dreaming about all the fun we will have. She was working really hard on this story last night. She has asked a million questions and made a million plans! She has packed and repacked her little bag at least 10 times. Tomorrow....hopefully, all of her beach dreams will come true!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Art Class

BB had the best time this week taking Summer Art Class with our very own Mrs. Alice. She teaches art at the school where I teach and she holds summer art classes each summer where the kids get to learn to paint with acrylics on canvas and make clay pieces. BB has loved every minute. She was excited to bring her painting home today, but was sad it was over. We get to pick up the clay pieces next week after they are glazed. We can't wait! Thanks, Mrs. Alice and Mr. Maurice for a really fun week!!

Don't you just love her masterpiece? We do!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend was so much fun! We got to spend time with all of our dads. And, we had a good time shopping for presents for daddy! BB picked out the cutest card. It said, "From Your Little Princess" on the front with a little white kitten in a tiara. The kitten drew her in! She loves all things kitty! And, she was so sweet. She wanted to know when Mother's Day would be here. I tried explaining that it wouldn't be until next year. But, she kept insisting...."well, it is next because after Father's Day comes Mother's Day....then Father's Day again....and that's how it goes." I do see the logic, but she couldn't understand why it is so far away. After trying to explain and looking on the calendar, I asked her why. She said, "Because I have to get a present for you!" So sweet. My heart melted.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. I wish I could put some of the sweetest ones on here...but they show her beautiful face!

Reading with Papa:

Swimming at Grandpa's house....sharing a float with Lacy!
BB thought Lacy's love of the pool was hilarious!

She is getting so brave. Three weeks ago, she wouldn't get in the pool without floaties. Now, she won't wear them and she is going down the slide and jumping off the diving board! She is a good little swimmer. Confidence and practice was all she needed!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Get Your Dad a Frosty on Father's Day!

I saw this on another blog and wanted to help spread the news. Take your family to Wendy's on Father's Day and buy everyone a Frosty! The proceeds from the sales will benefit children in foster care in America. What a great way to enjoy a cool treat and help children in need!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning New Things

We have all been learning new things around here. to juggle 2 kids....and that cute girls clothes need ironing. :) learning that sarcasm and speaking figuratively are wasted on a 6 year old who is, oh, so literal. And...Reed is learning to be a patient big brother. And, he is the most amazing 12 year old I know!!

And, BB, she is not only learning how to be a part of our family, but she has become a great swimmer and she learned to ride her bike with no training wheels! She was so persistent. I was exhausted just watching her "fall over" and get right back up and pick that bike up and try least 100 times. But, she just continued on....focused and determined. She is amazing. When I told her that I was proud of her, she said with such enthusiasm, "I am proud of myself!" Priceless!

Getting set....

And she's off.... wheels!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Settling In

It has been 2 weeks now and we are all settling in. The first week was really hard. I think I just wanted everything to be "perfect" although I knew there would be ups and downs and a time of adjustment. But this past week....I relaxed. I know that only God and the gift of time will help all of us adjust to being a family of 4. BB (as I will refer to her here....because I sometimes call her that) is amazing. She is so loving and trusting. And, she is hilarious! She has this amazing little sense of humor and personality that keeps us all laughing. She really is a hoot! So, I hope to be posting that things have settled and I have a little more time!

Here are a few signs that we now have a little girl in the house. I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good News!

Wow! It has been a while since my last post. God sent me Sherri Burgess' message for a reason. Two days later....we got horrible news. We learned that they were not going to move our sweet girl to our house. Long story...but, came down to nonsense. She could spend as much time here as we wanted, but there would be no formal move. I was devistated and cried and just wanted to give up. But, after my little pity party, I remembered that there was a precious child who needed me and that I serve a God that can do anything. I (we....Dickie and I) decided that all we could do was to be obediant to God, love this sweet girl and wait for Him to move in the situation. May was a long month, but I knew that God would take care of the situation in some way and we would have our sweet girl!

Well, on the very last day of school....God moved. We got a phone call and they said....they were moving her to our house!! I was elated and overjoyed. He did it! I knew He would. So, she will be ours to love and care for as of Friday. We have yet to find out whether she will be ours to love forever, but until the courts tell us....we will love her for now!!!

There are rules about publishing pictures publicly of children who are in foster faces....but pictures make everything better!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sherri Burgess

Last night I went to a local church to see Sherri Burgess speak. She is the wife of a radio personality here in Birmingham who lost their 2 year old son over a year ago. He drowned in their pool. This is a nationwide show that is based here in Birmingham. We are good friends with the show's producer and family and have prayed for the Burgess' for a long time. What an unimaginable tragedy. I was so excited to go and hear her testimony last night. We all struggle with so many things in this world. There are so many things I could learn from this woman of God who has suffered so much. Her message was so powerful! My struggle with secondary infertility and adoption pales in comparison....but, is no less my own personal struggle. Her message was one of HOPE and LOVE and ENDURING FAITH...which is exactly what the Lord wanted me to hear. If you went to hear all of the horrific details of her son's were dissapointed. But, if you attended with hopes of learning more about our God from a mother that has suffered the loss of her baby boy, then you were changed. From one mother's heart to another....she has suffered, still suffers....has endured in faith and is still steadfast....has loved and is increasing that love. I left there in awe of our glorious and powerful Lord and filled with hope for the time I have left in this world. Thanks be to God!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I knew it, felt it, hoped it, prayed it. Now it is finally looking like reality. For months and months we have been following God's lead and praying about the possible adoption of a little girl that we have fallen completely in love with. Eight months ago, I met this little girl. There was an instant spark...a love at first sight kind of thing. I felt the strangest instant connection with her. But, not knowing much of her situation, I doubted that it could be possible. However, God just kept showing me connections in her life and ours that kept my heart and my prayers focused on her. But, she still had a mom in her life. We started this journey to be a family for a child who had no one. So, several times we inquired about other children but it never felt like something we should go through with. After a few months of knowing this angel and growing to love her, I surrendered. I began to invest much of my heart in her life. I decided to ignore what the world was telling us at times and to believe God.
And yesterday, finally, in God's perfect time, God's plan is beginning to be revealed to others. It appears that she may be legally available for adoption soon and we would love nothing more than to be her family and love her forever. Until we know about forever....we'll love her for now!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To blog or not to blog???

I started this blog last December after much indecision. I can be both a private person and an open book...but, it's something about putting it all out there for anyone to see. And then I think...who would want to read it anyway? But, writing is therapeutic for me. So, the reason I decided to just "do it" was for the same reason that I read other blogs. It has helped me tremendously to follow the stories of other families on similar paths. I only have a couple of close friends who know exactly what is involved with the journey to adopt....although I am sure all of my friends are rolling their eyes if they are reading this thinking..."oh yes we do, you talk about it all the time!" I do appreciate their support and prayers and for always listening to me! But, I have found so much comfort in the blogs of complete strangers. I can identify with their worries, their hopes, their struggles, their frustrations and their joys. So, I am going to try to get this going so that I can hopefully be that support for any readers who may be out there.