Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good News!

Wow! It has been a while since my last post. God sent me Sherri Burgess' message for a reason. Two days later....we got horrible news. We learned that they were not going to move our sweet girl to our house. Long story...but, came down to nonsense. She could spend as much time here as we wanted, but there would be no formal move. I was devistated and cried and just wanted to give up. But, after my little pity party, I remembered that there was a precious child who needed me and that I serve a God that can do anything. I (we....Dickie and I) decided that all we could do was to be obediant to God, love this sweet girl and wait for Him to move in the situation. May was a long month, but I knew that God would take care of the situation in some way and we would have our sweet girl!

Well, on the very last day of school....God moved. We got a phone call and they said....they were moving her to our house!! I was elated and overjoyed. He did it! I knew He would. So, she will be ours to love and care for as of Friday. We have yet to find out whether she will be ours to love forever, but until the courts tell us....we will love her for now!!!

There are rules about publishing pictures publicly of children who are in foster care....no faces....but pictures make everything better!

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