Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning New Things

We have all been learning new things around here. to juggle 2 kids....and that cute girls clothes need ironing. :) learning that sarcasm and speaking figuratively are wasted on a 6 year old who is, oh, so literal. And...Reed is learning to be a patient big brother. And, he is the most amazing 12 year old I know!!

And, BB, she is not only learning how to be a part of our family, but she has become a great swimmer and she learned to ride her bike with no training wheels! She was so persistent. I was exhausted just watching her "fall over" and get right back up and pick that bike up and try least 100 times. But, she just continued on....focused and determined. She is amazing. When I told her that I was proud of her, she said with such enthusiasm, "I am proud of myself!" Priceless!

Getting set....

And she's off.... wheels!


  1. I loved meeting BB yesterday at the pool. She is a precious little girl who is blessed to be with your family. Keep your faith and inspiring others to do God's will. Love you all-

  2. Melanie -

    Your blog is so moving... before I knew it tears were flowing. I love you girl and am so happy for you guys. We said it from the beginning, all things happen for a reason. BB needed you and you guys needed her. And from that a family is made... Just as you became a part of my life through Carly for a reason...

    Love you,

  3. So glad to be able to follow you and BB here:) I'm impressed with her bike riding. Our girls have both been terrified to take the training wheels off.

  4. THanks so much, Missy and Rachael!! I appreciate you both!!! THanks for being such sweet friends!

    And, was all her idea. I wanted her to "practice" with training wheels for another month! But, she insisted!! :)

    I love you guys!