Friday, September 11, 2009

The Best Big Brother

Seriously. Reed is the best big brother ever. The child has only been praying for a brother or sister since he was 4. But, I really didn't expect him to be as perfect as he has been. I keep waiting for something to "wear off." But, it hasn't. He is so patient and kind and loving. He plays with her, teaches her things (like how to feed the dogs), shares his things and his pets. And, most importantly, his parents. We did do a lot of preparing ahead of time as far as warning him about how things will go. But, I did expect some kind of trouble with going from having us to himself for 12 years and now we have had to put all of the time and attention into welcoming this little girl. But nothing. Not. even. once. I am in awe of him! I have always said that he has such an old soul. He is so empathetic and caring. He sits and smiles along side us, watching her bond with grandparents, aunts, uncles....and he loves it as much as we do. He loves her. Recently there have been lots of questions from BB about birth mom and when the "judge is going to decide." These questions are so hard for me. The other day I asked her how she would feel if she went back to BM's house. She said, "Kinda sad because I don't have a brother there." She thinks he's as wonderful as we do. He is a blessing that I thank God for many times a day.

I wish I didn't have to crop her cute little face out of this picture. I am a shutterbug and take hundreds of pictures at a time. I hope one day soon, I can fill this blog with all of the beautiful pictures I have of the two of them.

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  1. Melanie! I have tears reading this entry. You are such a wonderful person. I know you are a good friend, an awesome teacher, but more than anything you are a fantastic Mom. Glad to get the chance to know you. Praying everyday for your sweet family. We love you. The Kruse Family.