Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

On this day, nine years ago, I thought I lived in a land where a "9/11" wasn't possible.  Everything changed that day.  I was the director at St. Mary's Episcopal Church Childcare Center and one of the dads came in the door that morning and asked if we had a TV.  He said that something just happened to the World Trade Center.  Seconds later we were standing in front of a small television with tear-filled eyes, trying to understand what we were seeing...hoping this was all some mistake.  I kept going to the phone, calling my mom, my husband, my best friend, Bridgette, and asking them what they knew.  Every time I talked to them, more happened....tower 1, tower 2, the plane in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon, the towers falling.   It was so scary.  We honestly didn't know where terror would strike next.   My son, Reed, was 4 years old and in a classroom down the hall.  I went to his classroom, sat in the floor with him and his friends and just hugged him and wished I was at home with my whole family together.  For days, I was glued to the television's endless coverage, tears flowing without ceasing.  Complete shock and disbelief and heartache filled the days and nights for all of the those searching the rubble for loved ones...for all of those rescue workers, for the people trapped for days.

September 11, 2001 was a day when I became a little less naive.  That sense of security was replaced with fear.  I remember having to fly on the 6 month anniversary of the attack to visit my grandmother who was ill.  I was scared to death.  Eyes scanning the crowd and other passengers.  I could not stop thinking about how all of those victims on those planes that day were just going about their normal lives when terror intruded.  Years later, I flew into Boston at the same airport some of the 9/11 terrorist had flown out of that morning.  I couldn't help but think about the unsuspecting passengers flying with these evil men that morning.

Today, I remember and I pray.  I pray for those who lost their lives and the heroes we lost that day as they tried to fight fires and rescue others.  I pray for those who lost their loved ones.  I pray for those that live with hate-filled hearts, that God will touch them in a way as to remove this hate and evil from their hearts and souls.  I pray for our country and our leaders and pray that they do what is necessary to protect us from terrorist.  I pray for our military men and women who risk their lives and sacrifice time with their loved ones to fight for our freedom and security.   I thank God for every day I have with those I love.  I pray that we never see another day like 9/11/01.

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