Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seeing the World With "Teacher Eyes"

     Not too long ago I was talking with a friend about several different things and she made the comment, "I think it's because you see the world with 'teacher eyes'."  After that comment I began to really notice all of the ways I do that.   One that really came to mind was on our recent trip to the beach.
     Many of you know that we are adopting our daughter and for over 2 years now we have been trying to help her make up for all she missed the first 6 years of her life.  She had not been read to or engaged in thoughtful discussion, she lacked life experience and vocabulary was a huge interference in reading.  She has come SO far in the last 2 years and is such an amazing little girl.   While we were at the beach there were so many things she did for the first time that made me think....this is really going to help her make connections and understand things she reads.   This was her third trip to the beach with us (she had never been before joining our family) and it is still awesome to see her discover.  This year, at Britt's request, her aunt buried her in the sand.  She squealed with joy and described in detail how the sand felt on top her her and how "hard" it was to move to wiggle out because the sand was "heavy."   She was also completely enthralled with collecting these little muscles at the shoreline and then letting them go one at a time.  She commented that they couldn't "climb back in the dry sand" and they could only "climb back in the wet sand when the water washed over it."   Such rich learning experiences!
     One last example that comes to mind was riding go carts at the amusement park.  This is something Reed loves to do and has since dad would have to drive him in one at 2-3 years of age.  A couple years ago Brittney didn't know what a go-cart was.  The past couple times, she has declined a ride and was unsure of the adventure.  This year, with a little encouragement, she drove the kiddie-cart!  She loved it and to hear her describe how "hard" it was at first and how it felt going around the track was priceless.  
     I was telling my husband afterwards how awesome it was to watch her ride and even better to hear her talk about the experience.  It was then that it occurred to me....I really do see so many things with teacher eyes.  It's who I am.

searching for "treasures"

Lots of giggles

a bit of a struggle to bust free

Reed ready to race

Britt racing

Collecting lots of little creatures

Miss Sassy Pants :) 

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