Friday, September 9, 2011

Kindergarteners Express What They Want From Their Teacher

The beginning of kindergarten is always full of "learning about how to be student."  We’ve spent lots of time talking about what I expect from the children. Today I asked them what they need from me. Their responses are truly treasures that remind me of what’s most important. 

This is some of what was said when I asked them, "What do you need me to do as your teacher to help you learn and be happy at school?'

“Tell kids not to hit so that nobody gets hurt.” 
“Be sweet and kind and never hurt kids.” 
“Say nice things like, ‘I love you.’” 
“Teach kids to stick up for others.” 
“To say ‘Good morning’ and be happy when I get to school.”
 “Let us do what we want to do sometimes.”
 “To let kids have fun.”
 “The teacher needs to smile and laugh.”
 “To love reading books to kids.”

When you want to know what matters most, go straight to the source. It’s universal.... kids need security, love and kindness, to feel empowered, to have fun and to know they matter.  Really, it’s what adults seek too. 

This list will go up next to my desk and I will refer to it often, because THEY matter.

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  1. Thank you for your sweet post on my blog a while ago. Your blog posts always lift me up, I can't wait until our paths cross more frequently again. I need to visit soon after our move...