Sunday, March 27, 2011

So much growing going on......

Brittney has grown and changed so much since the first day she joined our family.  She has grown in confidence, life experience, as a student, emotionally, physically.  She has learned so much.   We have been able to witness so many firsts with her.....her first trip to the beach, her first birthday party with friends, her first time to be a cheerleader, her first sleepover, her first bike, her visit from Santa and so many more.  We missed so much, but we've been blessed with so much!
The first picture I ever saw of her.  2008
Visiting our house.  Spring 2009

The day Britt joined our family. 5/29/09
One year with our family.  We celebrated by getting
her ears pierced.  5/29/10

Waking up birthday morning. 2009
Waking up birthday morning. 2010

Birthday Girl 2009
Birthday Girl 2010


 We love her with all of our hearts and thank God for bringing her to us and making her a part of our family.


  1. This post makes my heart melt. Those pictures are so precious and I'm so glad you have those memories captured to save and cherish forever. She has grown so much and it is so neat to see. She is one lucky girl to have such awesome parents.

  2. Thanks so much, Katy! I was looking at pics yesterday and just get over the change in less than 2 years. So much to be thankful for!! I know you know the feeling!!

  3. I was all teary eyed as I read and enjoyed the pictures of how much she's grown. She looks so much older in her eight year old birthday picture...and so happy! She is definitely such a blessing that you guys were blessed to be able to enjoy as well. What a precious girl! -Valerie G.

  4. THanks, Valerie! It is amazing when I look at these pictures and think of all that God has blessed us with!