Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring break has been just that.... a break!!  A break from the rapid pace we keep daily.  And, boy did I need it.  The weather has been perfect and has allowed me to pretend as if summer has arrived!   It has certainly been a great preview.  We have spent lots of time outside, grilled out and played with family and friends, gone to lunch with grandparents, visited some of the local sights here in town, and the kids went to grandpas at the lake and spent two days.  While they had "lake" fun this was an ultimate break for mommy!   I got a mani and a pedi....went shopping....lounged a few things done....and we went out with my brother and sister in law for St. Patty's.  It has been a great break and it's not over yet!!   I will enjoy the last 2 days and then I will enjoy a day back on Monday with time to prepare and then will be energized to welcome the students back to lots of learning yet to be done in the last 9 weeks!  (ok....the energized part....a girl can dream, right? :)

And, because pics are always fun.....a few from the week!

Nothing like driveway bball with dad and uncles.

Painted nails and mad skills on the court.                                                                  

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

Love this boy!

fun at Vulcan!

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