Monday, March 28, 2011

This Girl Cracks Me Up

I was so excited to come home to a box from Amazon.  I ordered some new books....children's books, of course.  Tonight Britt and I sat down to read them and I thought it was so cute that she started to read them to me before I could get settled.  So, I grabbed my camera and thought this would be the perfect picture of the day for my Project 365.  I snapped some really sweet pictures.

Then, we got to the last this illustration.  (I love Mo Willems!)
(from We Are In a Book! by Mo Willems)

Now, it is well known in our family that Britt is obsessed with being able to raise just one eyebrow.  My sister in law can do it about as dramatically as Piggie above and we all get a kick out of watching Britt try.  When she saw this illustration tonight, she started to giggle and then it was on!  She began to twitch and contort her face, giggle and turn her was hysterical.  I picked up my camera and started snapping.  I wish I had been able to video her reaction to looking at the pics on the camera right after.  She was so sure she had gotten that brow way up there.  She must have said, "That is freaky!  I thought I was doing it!  That is freaky!"  about 10 times.   We were both rolling in the floor laughing.   I love her persistence!

She keeps us laughing!

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